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In Florida, automobile accidents are far too common. If you or someone you know have been involved in an accident, you need to know your rights and the best way to proceed. There are time-restrictions involved and claims to be made which ought to be done effectively and aggressively. For example, Florida law requires each motorists to carry Personal Injury Protection benefits (“PIP”), also known as “No Fault” insurance with a minimum coverage of $10,000. The No Fault statute requires a person seeking the benefits be seen by a medical doctor within 14 days of the accident, or forfeit those benefits. Often times, a client may not realize they were injured until the injuries begin to manifest days later.

In practice and from experience, your insurance company does not have your best interests in mind. Rather, they are looking at their formulas and will seek to pay-out as little as possible on your claim so that the insurance company can maximize their profits. Insurance companies have attorneys on their side, so you too need someone on your side.

Some of the worst mistakes made by clients have been talking to the insurance company by themselves. We strongly urge you not to do that as they will illicit answers to their tricky questions during your recorded statement and will likely use it against you later in evaluating your claim for compensation.

If you have been involved in an accident, do not waste precious time! Feel free to give us a call. As always, our consultations are free. 

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