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In Florida, sometimes the probate process does not run smoothly. In cases where there may be a proceeding to remove a personal representative, remove a guardian, probate a lost or destroyed will or later-discovered will, determine beneficiaries, construe a will, reform a will, modify a will, partition property for the purposes of distribution, determine pretermitted status, determine pretermitted share, determine amount of elective share and contribution, and for revocation of probate of a will, an adversary proceeding is sometimes necessary, either by request of a party or by the court’s own order. See Florida Probate Rule 5.025 for more information.  In these cases, having an attorney who knows the process and is experienced in litigation can make all the difference.

There are specific time limits and procedures for bringing and defending claims. If you are considering probate litigation, we would like to hear from you. As always, our initial consultations are free. 

Probate Litigation