In Florida, a person will die either “testate” or “intestate.” To die intestate, means the person has died without a will and his or her assets will be distributed in accordance with §§732.101-732.111, Florida Statutes. In other words, the lawmakers have decided how your assets will be distributed to your heirs if you die without a will. This is usually no one’s wishes as sentimental items or heirlooms will be sold and the proceeds of the estate sales will be distributed “per stirpes” in accordance with Chapter 732 of Florida Statutes.

If you want to leave certain property to certain heirs, like your children, spouse, friend, charity or anyone else, you will need a will. A well-written will can provide anyone with peace-of-mind, knowing that property, such as cash deposits, furniture, heirlooms, real estate, et cetera will be distributed in accordance with your wishes as well as mitigate the possibility of family members contesting the will after your death. It is far too often that wills printed from the internet or poorly drafted wills end up in probate litigation where your loved ones fight over property and what you intended. From simple wills to complex, Mindrup & Samole can provide you with what meets your needs, which will of course, provide you with peace of mind.As always, our consultations are free. 

Additionally, wills are required to be probated in Florida. For more information about the probate process click the button below. 


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